Product Design, Service Packaging and Naming

About the Project.

The kitchen scale is one of the most traditional kitchen products, and aiming to elevate it to a new level of convenience, the opportunity arose to develop a new product concept, also focusing on the integration of a guide service and a task manager, accompanying the preparation process from planning to the completion of dishes.


The Challenge.

The challenge was to develop a scale that would assist and enhance the cooking experience for individuals with varying levels of culinary expertise. To achieve this goal, we created a smart, internet-connected scale equipped with technology to deliver a gourmet-level cooking experience and performance to the market.

Connected to the internet and other kitchen devices, the Mise Scale features a microphone and speakers that provide voice notifications and allow for user interaction without the need for hands-on engagement. Through a smartphone app, users can select their desired recipe and initiate the cooking process, while the scale guides them step-by-step through a database of recipes saved within the app. When connected to an electronic grill, for example, the scale can power it on and adjust the temperature precisely for food preparation.

Its operation allows for the conversion of international units of measurement, correct ingredient separation, and enables the user to focus solely on the recipe preparation itself, without wasting time on other secondary tasks.

Addressing the issue of ingredient measurements (excess or shortage) and ensuring standardization and consistent results in the preparation of each dish was the guiding principle of this project. The result was achieved through a database in which the Mise Scale can monitor the entire user experience and usage journey, prevent accidents, and detect usage patterns for each user. Whether an experienced chef preparing various dishes or an amateur exploring the pleasures of gastronomy, the Mise Scale will assist every user in saving time and focusing on the most enjoyable culinary tasks, providing confidence and the assurance of an ideal outcome.

Brand Identity and Naming.

Part of the project also involved brand development, which represents the IoT scale. This process included various research stages, aiming to find words and terms associated with the experience of using the product and the app. The primary result found was the expression “mise en place,” which in French means “to put in order.” In gastronomy, it means arranging all the ingredients of a recipe in the right quantities. Creatively reducing this expression led to the name “Mise,” symbolically associating a positive connection with the brand. For its visual construction, a bold and rounded lettering was developed, inspired by the shape of the scale itself, influencing the design of the letter “i” and the geometry of the others.

Concepts such as intelligent, participatory, practical, and intuitive were the main guiding principles for the naming and brand identity project, concepts that are also aligned with the company for which the project was developed, AND.

The connection of the physical product with the virtual world creates a dialogue with the user, customizing the product to perform even more as desired, enabling integration with other smart devices.

Thank you.