Empório da Cerveja.

Service, strategy and packaging design.


Empório da Cerveja is an authority in online sales in the beer universe, offering a diverse portfolio at an affordable price for a quality delivery service. In the context of the pandemic, the growth of online consumption has become more pronounced, with services that are increasingly structured, agile, frictionless, and customizable.

About the project.

The challenge was to develop an end-to-end service design, encompassing Empório da Cerveja’s e-commerce operation and enhancing the user experience with engaging mechanics, services, and gift packaging.

We ensured that Empório da Cerveja offered the best experience in the market by delivering a high-level, customizable, frictionless service, with a diverse portfolio of beverages, aiming to create a memorable experience for both the shopper and the recipient.


Through a collaborative process involving all stakeholders, contextual research, market research, interviews with Empório da Cerveja’s audience and users within this niche, we identified five occasions that served as the basis for creating three types of packaging.

Each packaging design catered to a specific consumer profile, with customized attributes tailored to the needs of each occasion. We considered all touchpoints of the service to provide a seamless, dynamic, and unique experience.

With distinct features that align with the brand identity, each packaging showcases illustrations depicting different moments within the beer universe (gifting, the beer journey, and celebration). These illustrations are combined with special finishes and cutouts, highlighting the movement of beer bubbles.

Service design.

Based on the premise of understanding the journeys of different audience profiles, their needs, and transforming the most common and preferred consumption occasions into packaging, we developed experiential kits that turn beer into a gift-worthy item, beyond being a product for immediate consumption.

Graphic design.

With a simple and fluid language, we incorporated elements of beer and celebration to guide the entire graphic package. Additionally, techniques such as unboxing and texture printing were used to provide a superior finish, enhancing the occasion and the shopper’s intention.


The project has solidified itself by providing a memorable experience for both the shopper and the recipient, contributing to the creation of a seamless navigation in the virtual environment and achieving excellence in the physical delivery of the brand to its destination. The three types of packaging cater to different personas and journeys, with attributes tailored to the specific characteristics of each identified profile, enhancing the brand experience and reflecting its unique way of offering products in the beer world.

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