Good Pick.

Packaging, visual identity and strategy.


About the Client.

Good Pick is a healthy food company that aims to assist in changing people’s eating habits by offering their exclusive and delicious recipes, adopting a vegan approach in preparation whenever possible.

About the project.

The famous briefing was: “WE WANT POINT-OF-PURCHASE MATERIALS TO BOOST SALES.” However, here at Grupo Criativo, we always go the extra mile and try to make a real diagnosis of the situation. We noticed that unifying and creating more appeal for the packaging families of Granolas and Nuts from Good Pick, while clearly communicating the product differentiators and brand essence, was the central point.
To achieve this, a redesign of the packaging labels was necessary, further emphasizing the product and delivering visual impact, with the aim of creatively conveying all the necessary information.


For the project, a collaborative effort involving the expertise of both nutritionists and designers was brought together. Working hand in hand, they conducted research on natural products, healthy foods, and the consumer market for nuts and granolas.

The product communication focuses on simplicity to highlight the product attributes. Additionally, the packaging efficiently stores granolas and nuts, making the best use of the interior space. This type of packaging is uncommon in this category, generating a natural curiosity and serving as a container for taking to the gym, office, or in one’s bag.

We also activated a sustainability concept, as consumers can reuse the packaging for other purposes, extending its useful life.


Visual Communication.

Through the exploration of a geometric graphic style in the composition of highlight seals, pictograms, and illustrations, the graphic ensemble became playful without losing its seriousness. Each SKU delivers different combinations of illustrations and colors, encouraging consumers to collect or spontaneously seek identification. The packaging’s communication highlights the benefits of the products through a modern visual identity combined with a well-composed set of elements. It aims to enchant and stimulate sensations associated with the “healthy snack” moment, creating a more enjoyable, practical, and fun experience.


Each seal serves to present different characteristics found in Good Pick’s granolas and nuts. This way, the consumer’s understanding of the product benefits is facilitated.


Thank you.