Growler Brahma.

Product design and strategy.

About the project.

With research and co-creation workshops, we defined the Hero do Chopp product at home: New proprietary growler Chopp Brahma. An exclusive product that breaks paradigms in the Chopp delivery market. Aesthetics, functionality and user experience directly connected to the main values of the Brahma brand.

Starting from the initial challenge of “how to take the beer experience at the bar home” the project was developed in co-creation with the client and its main stakeholders to identify the real needs and opportunities. To validate the project, several technical feasibility tests were carried out, as well as questionnaires and interviews to obtain the consumer’s perception.

The product was created to take home the bar experience, allowing the consumer to drink Brahma beer at any time and without losing the unique qualities of the liquid. With a proprietary design, the new packaging brings visual elements that refer to the brand, and a premium appearance for the segment as never seen before. The 48 mm nozzle can be used on the counter-pressure filling taps, further preserving the characteristics of the draft beer, while the translucent red PET packaging protects it from sunlight. The growler comes with a tag with information about the filling, expiration date and characteristics, as well as a protective seal. There is also a bottom that enables stacking, which helps in stacking and stocking, both full and empty. Unusual and innovative.

The world’s first stackable PET packaging. Innovation in engineering and design with 45 thousand units produced in the pilot project. A 100% proprietary product, which exceeds consumer expectations, delivering a true brewing experience in the delivery of draft beer.

A project that was born with internal acceptance by all the client’s stakeholders, facilitating the implementation process and enhancing the initiative’s chances of success. Growler Brahma is developed in recycled PET using the blowing process.

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