Labi exames.

Service design, architecture and strategy.

About the project.

Labi is a clinical analysis exam laboratory focused on offering convenience by creating an intelligent way of doing exams, reducing all bureaucracy through a simple website and an intuitive application. Grupo Criativo was responsible for reviewing the atmosphere of the physical units and expressing this simple concept in the architecture, signage and especially, so that the offline experience was as good as the online one.

Field research.

In the field research, we understood that there were two areas that should be thought of in an integrated way, with their own solutions for each: Reception + Innovation and Trust + Asepsis.

Reception + Innovation

Reception and waiting: For these places, the focus is on updating the language and service dynamics, preparing them for the new journeys that will arise with the technological innovations being developed by the Labi team. We understand that it must be an area of ​​Reception, Comfort, Organization, Technology and Innovation.

Trust + Asepsis

Collection and processing areas: We understand this layout from the demands raised by employees and observed in the field. Controlled breeding area, due to the norms and technical needs of the nature of the service performed there, which needs to convey Safety, Cleanliness, Trust, Peace and Tranquility.


Unit projects.

The project concept was deployed in various sizes of store, perfectly adaptable.

Final results.

The design concept of the units was deployed in various store sizes, perfectly adaptable.

Internal signage: Collect area.

Use of “Casa-pavras” cut-out adhesive in the collection area, acrylic symbols in the reception area and adhesive signage in the technical and support areas.

Internal signage: Reception area.

Use of acrylic. Valorization of space.

Internal signage: Technical and support areas.

Use of stickers. Valorization of space.


Complementary signage.

Project done in conjunction with the Labi design area.

Illustration – Labi Team

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