Branding, trade design and strategy.

About the project.

We believe in the importance of each story, valuing each step that brought the Paviloche brand here. Therefore, when knowing the Paviloche history, we see not only a new panorama for the brand, but its essence.

In three decades producing frozen treats, Paviloche is recognized for its quality and innovative ideas. Paviloche’s great vocation is much more than producing ice cream and popsicles, it is to produce joy, spread smiles everywhere and, of course, provide moments of happiness.

Founded in 1982 by the couple Jair and Ivete Paminato, Paviloche was born as a local ice cream shop in the city of Getúlio Vargas, in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, and in 1993 they opened their first factory, with industrial production of a product that has always continued in its origins. , handcrafted.

With Innovation in its DNA and the desire to go beyond, Paviloche is always creating new frozen treats, made with the same affection for 30 years. Always with love, valuing the ingredients and attention to detail, brings you closer and brings happiness.

To mark this moment of commemoration of the company’s 30 years and the desire to strengthen the brand, Paviloche has given us the objective of totally reformulating the brand, as well as packaging, POS materials, Trade and stationery, bringing a new identity without leaving aside its traditional character aligned with simplicity and its positive tone.



Trade Design.


Manifesto Fit Me

Sorvete não é apenas sabor.
É mais que só cremosidade.

É uma experiência,
um momento
todinho só seu.

E cá entre nós, tem coisa melhor?

Sorvete com cobertura. Com açaí.
Com salada de fruta, ou nada disso.

No copinho, na casquinha.
No verão ou não.

Sorvete vai bem com tudo.
Só não combina com uma coisa: culpa.

Experimente um sabor na medida.
O mínimo em calorias por pote.
E nenhuma grama de culpa.

Fit me. Seu momento, na medida.

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