Pit stop Ambev.

Architecture, service design and strategy.

About the project.

We embarked together on a journey to improve the Pit Stop Ambev Project. Having the premises of cold and cheap beer for consumption at home, we started a process of research, diagnosis and action plan to make this project one of the biggest franchise cases in Brazil, with a focus on business profitability, clear benefits for the client Ambev and a great consumer experience for the end customer.


Through a methodological approach, we started a survey covering the main regions of the country and seeking to understand who the Pit Stop users are, their motivations, usage times, perceptions about the structure and associations with the brands sold.

POS per state
Collects per PDV
People approached

Workshop #1.

In the first Workshop, we set up a dynamic with the areas of marketing, supplies, implementation, suppliers and with the team of designers to extract knowledge and organize ideas. From this dynamic, a Bank of Ideas and a consistent Panel of PainPoints were extracted.

The most valuable process is the one that discovers the problem, not the one that solves it.


We arrived at the ideation stage. Until the final result, there were several interactions through tools for generating ideas. We turn planning, research and context into a cohesive and innovative new idea based on solving real problems.

Workshop #2.

After developing the concepts, we returned to the co-creative work to define and improve the project. We develop activities in multidisciplinary groups to assemble the new Pit Stop layout.

Final result.

We present the new Pit Stop project to the teams along with the results and analysis of the field survey with users. The end result was a modular structure that offers a range of options to the franchisee and a clear and objective visual communication to captivate consumers.

Visual communication.

In addition to all the development and execution of the project, this work also included the production of all Pit’s visual communication. From fronts, to price lists, stickers, notices and uniforms.

To guarantee the best result, interaction with consumers and real environments is extremely important. Small analyzes and improvements are being made in Pits installed in strategic locations while we validate the project as a whole. The impact of the new Pit and its ability to elevate the business is clear.

The MVP of the physical is the prototype.

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