Seara Lookbook.


About the project.

Seara has many product categories and is dispersed in the market in different channels. In this way, the internal team, which already understands the peculiarities of the line, needed to organize and plan how it could act in marketing and trade in different ways for each category, even within the same point of sale.


The first step was to organize all the information contained in the company and then develop, through the workshop, a workflow within an online collaborative platform. We created a specific tool for the activity called MAPA RELAY that guided the entire process and made it possible to cross-reference personas, categories and journeys to the desired output: the Seara multi-posture within its priority channels.

Final results.

The expected result was achieved: a team conscious of analyzing opportunities at the point of sale with a different look, not only going to extra points and natural points, but understanding the journey of each persona created for the category.

A report was generated and, from that, an action plan was activated for all teams, including a briefing for all suppliers that the company uses ATL and BTL.

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