Sensory marketing: the role of design to optimize experiences

Have you ever walked into a diner and smelled delicious food? It may have been just because of the food served, but maybe you’ve been targeted by sensory marketing.

Sensory marketing is a new trend that is exciting professionals who want to invest in increasing commercial consumption in less time.

Want to know more about the new wave of sensory marketing? So keep reading this post!

What is sensory marketing?

Sensory marketing is the use of the senses — hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste — together with the positioning and differentiation strategy, being able to work on the mental potential of consumers, in order to move more clearly and in depth to marketing message.

Knowing how to explore the company’s communication potential through the senses can elevate the brand’s position and place it ahead of competitors.

Furthermore, sensory marketing aims to tap into the subconscious of customers, influencing their purchase decisions and conveying messages beyond images and words.

With a simple strategy of this type of marketing, a trade can have a very positive impact, mainly on the consumers’ emotions, which consequently ends up boosting sales.

But this strategy alone cannot go very far. It is necessary to know how to align the elements present in the communication with the marketing strategy. The architecture and design of the establishment play very important roles in this process. Keep reading and understand!

How can design and architecture help?

As is known, the design of a brand is essential when designing good experiences through products or services for consumers. However, what few people understand is that design can capture and reproduce the senses in an exceptional way.

Design is like an added value, which plays an essential role in driving customers to certain products or services.

With it, it is possible to enhance the sensory experience of users, because, due to its elements, the human senses can be incorporated into the company’s work.

Another very important element that can be related to this type of marketing is the point of sale architecture, as both must always go hand in hand.

It is essential that the architecture of a store is planned with elements that awaken in users the desire to purchase a product or service.

Thus, it is necessary to consider, in the construction of the environment, the senses that stimulate interest, such as aromas, colors and volumes.

How to implement sensory marketing with excellence?

To apply it, it is not enough just to understand its concept or its benefits, it is necessary to know how to work with this type of marketing. Check out some tips:

Study all the senses

As much as visual stimuli are the most applied, to further optimize your results, it is important to know all the senses well.

Customers are looking for more than good service, they want to feel unique. In this way, the union of the five senses becomes essential, as it has the role of developing the emotional bond between the consumer and the brand.

For example, do you know when you go to a store and the products are beautiful, the place has good aromas and still has nice music? You will definitely acquire a greater appreciation for that environment, right?

It is quite common to use colors, sounds and smells to please users within a location, and this can make them return to the establishment more often!

Know your products well

Above all else, the biggest secret is getting to know what you work well.

For example, if you are in the food business, an environment that has beautiful, colorful foods and a smell of good food in the air, like those fresh out of the oven, you can increase a person’s desire to consume.

Therefore, try to understand well the product or service you sell, in order to assign it the most suitable meanings.

Now you know more about sensory marketing and you still have excellent tips to start investing in this strategy!

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