Evo Sliding System.

Product design and strategy.

About the project.

Rometal is a company in the south of Rio Grande do Sul, specialized in sliding systems for furniture such as cabinets and panels, as well as passage doors and room partitions. Rometal’s products are distinguished by high quality, bringing technology, comfort and safety to environments. Seeking to bring more innovation and design to its products, Rometal joined Grupo Criativo in a new project that would result in the creation and evolution of pulleys: the Evo System for passage doors. The development of this project was carried out following the steps of our method, Macrodesign, selecting relevant steps and tools for the project scenario in different phases, from Briefing to Delivery. See below how the process design was in this project.

The development of the project was initiated through an extensive market research that involved interviews and questionnaires with carpenters, field surveys in carpenters and resellers in the segment. With the information collected in the surveys about the market context and sliding systems for passage doors, it was possible to identify an opportunity for the development of a new product that would communicate with current decoration trends, bringing exclusive finishes, technology and safety in use .

The entire product was strategically designed to achieve a market opportunity, contemplating a certain price range, sales channels, types of finishes and colors and functional differentials that only Rometal would be able to develop. The result was a sliding system unlike any other, affordable, in tune with the latest trends in interior decoration.

The System developed for sliding doors provides opening without loss of space for different environments. For years the market has presented apparent pulleys with the same shape and function, without innovations and apparent differentials, in addition to a slow and noisy operation. The purpose of this project is to present to the market an aesthetically attractive and functionally superior solution, through unique technical and emotional attributes.

The EVO is the only pulley on the domestic market that has a shock absorber and smooth sliding. Both when opening and closing, the door closes smoothly due to the presence of a shock absorber system in the form of an oil-piston embedded inside the system rail, making it imperceptible in terms of aesthetics and noticeable in the soft and light touch that it gives to the whole set.

Its installation is easy and can be done by just one person – it consists of fixing aluminum pieces on the wall and then, just by fitting, placing the rail and the system. Another differential of the manufacturer is the ability to paint high resistance in different colors, namely: black, champagne, titanium and chrome, considering that the market only presents chrome and brushed models.

The main part is injected in Zamak, an alloy composed of zinc, magnesium, aluminum and copper that gives the necessary resistance to the system to support the weight of up to 80 kg, and is responsible for connecting the door to the rail. Connected to this part is the machined black nylon pulley that runs smoothly over the anodized aluminum rail.

Inspired by the classic and rustic “barn doors”, the Evo System comes to bring a new contemporary look to projects with sliding doors. Rounded and chrome-like in appearance, the pulleys have an elegant shine. Versatile, the System can be applied to both wooden and glass doors. In addition, it has Rometal shock absorber technology, which makes it more comfortable and quiet to use.

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