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About the project.

The project was created to create a new Venture at Cia. Ambev, based on the existing Chopp Brahma Express franchise, in addition to a combination with the Empório da Cerveja platform. More than a new chain, the idea is to combine complete experiences for those who like beer and draft beer and expand their purchase access, whether in the physical store, on platforms, or in delivery.


Our great challenge in this project was to bring together in one place all the brewing experiences that Ambev can offer, facilitating the consumer’s journey. Our solution was to combine the relaxation of the pub with the practicalities of a full service store.

A bar that is a store, a take away, a dark store, learning, technology, experience, everything the consumer wants in one place.


Here, the workshop is not about using post its, but about aligning people and their knowledge. A large team, with different areas of customers, designers and suppliers participate in a round of decisions and powerful interactions for the co-creation of concepts, language and franchising approaches. There were several meetings – physical and digital for the construction of this project.

Visual concept.


Final results.

The design of the environment aligned with the visual communication and product design, ensured the perfect and complete execution of the space, with a project from the growler to take home to the furniture. The standardization of these project items facilitates replication, that is, the opening of franchises with easy adaptation through modular furniture and pre-established internal signs.

Tool kit.

In addition to telling the market that the coolest store in the brewing universe is coming, it is also the moment to reinforce the purpose, sales arguments and premises of the new business with a great partner of Cia Ambev – the franchisee. The toolkit explains, prepares, customizes all the material for the migration and emergence of a new venture.

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