Branding and strategy.

About the project.

The Nexway brand was created to give a name and attitude to Ambev’s internal logistics area. The structure itself has the size and flow worthy of a large specific logistics and transport company of different modalities and, therefore, it became necessary to gain strength and independence. It acts as a new player in the sector with the experience of those who do logistics throughout Ambev with excellence.

Logistics is much more than transport.

It’s about planning, technology, strategy and knowledge. In this way, we set out to build a name that would not be compared to transport companies, but that would suggest a new route, a new path or simply the next step in the field of connections between A and B.

A complete design process, from surveys, client involvement in articulation of ideation for name, language, voice, strategic guidelines, graphic design, and brand registration process, very important and without margin for error. Then comes Nexway.

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